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About Talking on Reality

Talking on Reality (also known as ToR) is a YouTube show that talks about the reality of life in the present generation by analyzing the issues and using ethical knowledge.

Talking on Reality

This show (ToR) is host by the Indian author Ramesh Kumar P, who is a founder of this show "Talking on Reality".

ToR was formed in the year 2020 by Mr Ramesh Kumar P at Chennai, India. It came with the motive of awareness of people in terms of ethical knowledge and Chanakya strategy.

The first episode of ToR was based on taxation. In this episode, hoister Ramesh Kumar P talks about the changes in the taxation rules and the reality of evading tax.

ToR aims is not to hurt any general public, celebrity, politician, foreign leaders, business corporate, and government. It just came with the motive of awareness of the real world.


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